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​​​How to Make Sustainable 
Life, Business, and Cultural Changes 

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“Living Your ‘Someday’ Now”— a book, a process, and a Life- Design journal—will guide you on a self-paced journey to explore, liberate, create, and transform your non-serving beliefs and stories until your wishful thinking become reality. 

The journey to experience sustainable Life, Business, or Cultural change falls short of success when traveled at supersonic speed. But if approached as a self-directed walk, you will arrive at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, and you will have the time, energy, health and resources to enjoy your destination when you get there.  

Completing this thoughtful and creative walk will enable you to rewrite and live a new story that includes: 
• Increased Self-esteem 
• Harmonious Business Environment 
• Amazing Career or Business 
• Enlivened Sense of Purpose  
• Loving Relationships 
• Enticing Plan for Retirement  
• Optimum Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Health  
• Financial Security 
• Less Sameness and More Adventure.

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  Jo Anne Musolf


Author "Living Your 'Someday' Now!"