Jo Anne Musolf


Author "Living Your 'Someday' Now!"




“Living Your ‘Someday’ Now”— a book, a process, and a Life- Design journal—will guide you on a self-paced journey to explore, liberate, create, and transform your non-serving beliefs and stories until your wishful thinking become reality. 

The journey to experience sustainable Life, Business, or Cultural change falls short of success when traveled at supersonic speed. But if approached as a self-directed walk, you will arrive at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, and you will have the time, energy, health and resources to enjoy your destination when you get there.  

Completing this thoughtful and creative walk will enable you to rewrite and live a new story that includes: 
• Increased Self-esteem 
• Harmonious Business Environment 
• Amazing Career or Business 
• Enlivened Sense of Purpose  
• Loving Relationships 
• Enticing Plan for Retirement  
• Optimum Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Health  
• Financial Security 
• Less Sameness and More Adventure.

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  #1 Best Seller, 2017

In Two Categories: Life Changes

and BusinessTransitions  


​​​How to Make Sustainable 
Life, Business, and Cultural Changes 

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"Living Your 'Someday' Now" helped nudge me to seek out new beginnings after spending 34 years at one company. The results are in and I GOT THE JOB! Jo Anne's writing style and coaching skills made it easy for me to map out my new journey. The book allows you to journal your own ideas on what actions and responsibilities you need to take to make your journey meaningful and successful!
Jo Anne's "can do" attitude on just about anything in life is true to this book and it helped me to believe the same.

Five years ago, when I was stuck and incredibly frustrated in the hamster wheel called my life, a mutual friend, connected me with JoAnne. I had told Ellen that I wanted a no nonsense coach who would be direct and would not let me get away with anything. Well, I got that and so much more with JoAnne. And, thanks to her incredible coaching skills, last year I leaped out of the hamster wheel and into a wonderful new life of my choosing. My spouse and I are currently living in Da Nang, Vietnam and love this new journey.
As I have read the book, the concepts and processes have felt very familiar because they are largely the ones JoAnne used in our coaching sessions. Now, I can carry her wisdom, wit, and processes with me wherever I may travel on my journey. And, I can use the book and the journal as a self-check-in to make sure that I stay on the path of the life I want for myself. I highly recommend this book!

 Ellen Antill:
Reading "Living Your 'Someday' Now" is very much like sitting down with Jo Anne Musolf in her living room and having a heart-to-heart talk. This book is direct and authentic and funny and wise, just like Jo Anne. It's full of real stories from her personal experience which serve as beautiful illustrations of the principles she presents. She doesn't ask readers to try anything she hasn't tried herself. The Life Design Journal portion of the book is particularly helpful in giving readers plenty of opportunity to process and practically apply the book's teachings to their own lives. This book is a life-changing step for anyone who's seriously seeking self-transformation.

I was ready for a book like this. The beautiful way it is written engaged me in the process of finding clarity in managing my business and to not delay the things I want to do. Joanne's experience in working with companies and individuals to make positive changes helped me change patterns and thoughts that really didn't serve me. It allowed me to make notes and journal to capture my immediate thoughts through the process.
Thank You Joanne for helping me look at the beliefs I needed to let go of and the ones that enhance my life.

I have bought several copies to share with family and friends

Mark LeDoux:
 “Living Your ‘Someday’ Now!” has forever changed by life. In the first 20 pages alone, I achieved clarity of life-vision, purpose and priorities as never before. The book’s journal (a workbook in the back) is what makes this book so meaningful by bringing “me” in the action of my life. I carry the book everywhere I go, and add continually to the journal, always discovering new insights and breaking through old patterns. Apart from being chock-full of life wisdom, this book is affirming and entertaining. I look forward to JoAnne Musolf’s next book!