Jo Anne Musolf


Author "Living Your 'Someday' Now!"



JO Anne: the person, The Experience, The Satisfied Clients

        Jo Anne Musolf's  CV

JoAnne has more than thirty years corporate experience. In addition, she has spent more than fifteen years as a corporate and life coach and as an organizational consultant.

She has been a CEO, an Executive Director, a VP of International Sales, and a Regional VP of Franchise Operations, to name a few of the corporate positions she's held. She's also been a teacher, waitress, landscaper, and house cleaner.  

But it's not the titles or the occupations she's had that make her skilled and valuable. It's the experiences, knowledge, and understanding that she gained from each opportunity that makes her a well-rounded and insightful  woman.

Through out her career, Jo Anne has worked with the automotive, chemical, electronics, engineering, financial, hospitality, medical, manufacturing, talent, and rubber industries. 

She also understands and speaks the language of educational, governmental, non-profits and industry specific professional organizations.  

Who is  Jo anne Musolf

What you need to know about Jo Anne is that she cares that you get what you want. She is smart, straightforward and her kick in the pants approach to coaching and speaking could not yield greater results. Her approach to life and business is "Just show up." 

If you ask Jo Anne what she wants that she doesn't have, she'll look at you with a quizzical smile. Then she'll respond, "Well, at this moment I can't think of anything. I love my life and my business. I'm content. But I expect that at any given moment either my life or business circumstances will change. When they do, I know that I'll always find my way to the next destination."

Jo Anne is a product of her own process.

Her "Someday..." is always today.   

Satisfied Clients

" Thank you...I don't know exactly how to put this into words but something has "settled in" with me. The business mind that seems to have escaped me for years has reappeared. We've only had two sessions and you have completely helped me change my thinking...I'm starved for more meetings with you."    Dodey S.

"You were great! I know how hard it is to speak and keep your concentration when a meal is being served. You never skipped a beat."  Sharon, Regional VP, Arbonne International

"I read once that there are only 12 or so cords in music. From those limited cords, all types of music are made. This is also true in life. At the end of the day, we are a new song from all the interactions we were engaged with that day. I am a new song after having made time and spending it with you."   

Rita B. Independent Business Owner

​" You are a delightful and eloquent speaker. Your seminar was very enlightening. It made the chapters we read come alive. You presented the material in a way that was easy to understand."  Teresa, Cherry Valley Lodge, Ohio