Executive and leadership Coaching 

Change must start at the top!

In order for a company or organization to achieve sustainable change or growth its necessary for the person in charge to examine:

  • Who he/she is in terms of leading and motivating others to follow
  • How he/she personally views and deals with change
  • What he/she believes the company is capable of achieving
  • What he believes about his/her employees' abilities and motivations, .

It's easy to lead when everyone is eager to go in the same direction. However the skills of strong leaders are put to the test when the direction is unclear, the course is turbulent, and the outcome undetermined.

Just as times change, so must the makeup of the leader. Jo Anne coaches new and established executives on how to become and remain effective and admired leaders.

Personal coaching

Is this you? You know there is something not working in your life, but no matter what you've tried you can't seem to fix it or find a way out of the turmoil you're feeling. Or, you have been yearning to take a scary leap or have a more satisfying life. Jo Anne will nudge you to achieve and live that destiny.

You will be impacted by questions you never thought to ask yourself. You will hear reflected back to you the significance of the answers you provide. Before you can change, you have to examine the beliefs and stories that keep you coming back to the same problem or sad feeling time and again. ​Her coaching process allows you to create meaningful and lasting change that perfectly fits your unique life.

Jo Anne's expertise in life transitions include:

  • Preparing for career change
  • Searching for the meaning of your life
  • Emotional and life planning for retirement
  • Relationship beginnings and endings
  • Aging and next phase of life
  • Living your "Someday" life

Coaching, Facilitating, and speaking

Services and support

  • Personal Coaching​
  • ​Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Team, Department, Board, and Group Coaching
  • ​Seminar, Workshop, and Retreat Facilitation
  • ​Keynote Addresses and Speaking Engagements 


  Jo Anne Musolf


Author "Living Your 'Someday' Now!"



TEam, department, Board, and Group Coaching 

The goal of group facilitation is for "Everyone to go in the same direction, at the same time, for the same reason."

A nod of the head or a show of hands doesn't mean "buy in."  Every group is made up of individuals. And every one of those individuals comes to the table with his or her own set of beliefs and stories.

Understanding where each person is coming from, and why, is a necessary step in working toward achieving  consensus. Jo Anne works with the team and its leaders to understand and incorporate both the group and the  individual members' objectives leading to the common goal.  

Seminars, workshops, and Retreats 

Jo Anne facilitates seminars, workshops and retreats using relevant aspects of the sustainable personal, business, and cultural change process she has demonstrated in "Living Your 'Someday' Now!" 

Seminars and workshops can be a half-day, a full-day or spread over three or four sessions thus allowing attendees to incorporate the transformational concepts into their life or business.

Each year Jo Anne, along with other specialists in transformation, facilitate two 3-4 day retreats. These retreats are designed for those who have either attended four-sessions or participated in an all day seminar on the basics of the thoughtful transition process. During the retreats, which are designed for both individual clients or business groups, attendees go wider and deeper with understanding and actions. They leave with clarity about their new destiny and are equipped with tools and support to enable them to reach that desired goal.

Keynote Addresses and Speaking engagements

Jo Anne doesn't speak at  anyone. She believes all speeches and keynote addresses should be both a teaching and le​arning situation. She knows her stuff, she's a good speaker, and she's entertaining. Her goal for every speech is to always make a difference in how people think and how they change their life or business once they leave the room.

She speaks locally, nationally, and internationally. Because Jo Anne connects so readily with her audience, no matter who they are or where they're located, she asked to return time and again. ​