Who works with JO anne

Jo Anne's clients are all smart, motivated and have extraordinary problem-solving skills. Simply put, clients work with Jo Anne when they or their business circumstances dictate the need to go in an uncharted direction

Whether a personal or business client, they have  tried a number of interventions and strategies to face a challenge or to solve an-on-going problem. Yet, they're still not satisfied with where they're at or, because they have been working with the challenge for so long, they can't see the next step.

Jo Anne helps her clients navigate through the process from where they are to where they want to be. Many of her clients find that Jo Anne is particularly skillful at helping them clarify their destination when it is unclear. 

How  Jo Anne Does it

A recent client in China  said, "You're truly a specialist in navigating untraveled paths."

Jo Anne has 30 years of high-level business experience and has perfected the ability to ask the insightful questions necessary to get to the crux of the matter. She has designed a transition/change model that guides clients along a path that ends with their desired goal finally being achieved.

Her highly successful change process is featured in her book:

"Living Your 'Someday' Now!"—How to Achieve Sustainable Personal, Business, and Cultural Changes.

Is Jo Anne Musolf Who You need?

Do you see yourself in this scenario.


                       Jo Anne's office. Sun Streaming in the window. Phone rings

JO anne:  

                      "Hi, this is Jo Anne. How may I help you?"

YOu say: 

                    " I need to (fill in the blank) my  (fill in the blank) right Now!"

                                       Change                      Business

                                       Revolutionize            Career

                                       Transform                  Leadership style

                                       Fix                          Team Cohesiveness

                                       Figure out                  Relationship

                                       Solve                          Health


                                                                           Social Life



Jo Anne'S responSE:  "NOW? Hold on a minute!"

By the time I get this call you have tried every which way to change or solve this same challenge. Why didn't any of your time, energy, money, and spirit-consuming attempts ever get you what you or the company wanted? You weren't lazy, incompetent, or delusional. Nor did you lack the motivation, desire, or willingness to see it to the end.

Pure and simple, in the past you, like most everyone else, tend to approach every journey to change with the same itinerary and schedule: start here, go there, and do it as fast as humanly possible.

But a journey, whether for business or personal reasons, to a thoughtful and permanent change is not about getting to the destination in record time. It is about getting to the right place at the right time with the right people, and having the time, energy, and health to enjoy it when you arrive.

Let me repeat:

A journey to permanent, transformational change is about getting to the right place, at the right time, with the right people, and having the time, energy, and health to enjoy it when you arrive.


  Jo Anne Musolf


Author "Living Your 'Someday' Now!"